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The intelligent putty promotes coordination, fine motor skills and imagination. Children love to experiment with the MAGIC DOUGH and discover the different textures.
magic dough eigenschaften

Pull & Tear

The intelligent super dough can be torn apart with a tug. Slowly pulled, however, it stretches smoothly in length.
magic dough eigenschaften

Shapes & Flows

The dough can be easily shaped and modeled into great figures – if you leave it lying around, the super dough melts away again very slowly.
magic dough eigenschaften

Cutting & bouncing

MAGIC DOUGH by CRAZE can be easily cut with scissors or rolled into a flummi that can also bounce.


gesellschaftspiel magic dough ticktackdough
magic dough tick tack dough game

The ultimate kneading and guessing game

TICK-TACK DOUGH is the ultimate game for quick kneaders and smart raters. Simple rules and surprising moments!
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magic dough


magic dough glass

Cool effects

Liquid glass, metallic, glitter or glow in the dark - MAGIC DOUGH by CRAZE offers lots of special effects to knead and marvel!

Promotes sensory abilities

Especially the sense of touch, when kneading and shaping. But the children can also smell the super dough and the sounds it makes in its different consistencies.
magic dough aroma
magic dough ultimate mix

For collecting and exchanging

The Expert Play and Starter Lines are available in many variants and can be collected. Do you already have them all?


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