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PRESS’N POP – My Fidget Box Maxi

My Fidget Box Maxi by CRAZE  contains 24 Fidget Toys - 12 different types of Fidget Toys. It includes an original Press'N'Pop Pop It keychain, a Fidget Cube, a Fidget Spinner, and sooo many more! All packed inside a box to store the Fidget Toys.

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The original PRESS’N POP – My Fidget Box Maxi by CRAZE  has arrived for even more fun!

My Fidget Box Maxi by CRAZE contains 24 Fidget Toys of 12 different kinds. It includes an original Press’N’Pop Pop It keychain, a Fidget Cube, a Fidget Spinner, and sooo many more! All packed inside a personalizable box to store the Fidget Toys.

The PRESS’N POP bubbles made of 100% silicone pop again and again – a real addictive factor that is otherwise only known from bubble wrap. PRESS’N POP Toys provide activity for the fingers and stress relief in all situations.

All of the other fidget toys are precisely designed for the same purpose as well!


Fidget Toys are the latest trend – because they are a perfect party for bored fingers! All the different textures, colours and noises will keep your fingers busy and help you relieve stress.

Continuous activity

Once popped, never stopped! Simple and mega-fun. Toys to twist, bend, turn, knot, do and undo anytime, all the time and all over! 

made of 100% silicone & free of BPA

All CRAZE PRESS ‘N POP Fidget Toys are available in trendy colours and unusual shapes. All of them are ultra-cool and free of BPA. For fans of fidget toys, the ideal activity for every pocket.

Product number: 38147
Age: 4


  • Box with 24 fidget toys, 12 different types:
  • 2 out of 3 PNP Keychains
  • 3 Elastic Strings
  • 3 Puzzle Chains
  • 1 Bracelet to twist & turn
  • 1 Zip
  • 3 Fuzzy Anti-stress balls
  • 1 Fidget Cube
  • 2 Glow in the dark PNP Keychains
  • 3 Tubes
  • 1 Fidget Spinner
  • 2 Squeeze-Stripes
  • 2 Unicorn Bands
Over and over again
The colourful bubbles can be pressed again and again. All popped? Then simply turn it over and the addictive fun starts all over again.
Ultra durable
The toy made of 100% silicone and without BPA is extremely robust and can be easily cleaned with water. The ideal plop fun for on the go!
With play value
A simple game principle makes the original PRESS 'N POP Fidget Toy an enjoyable game for two players. Whoever pops the last bubble loses.
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