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GALUPY UNICORN – Foilbag Bundle of 6


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Welcome to the world of GALUPYS!

GALUPY is the magical story of 18 cute unicorns who live on the magical island of Elfia in the mysterious island archipelago of Galupia and have fun adventures there every day. Each GALUPY is unique in texture and has very specific character traits – some GALUPYS unicorns even have magical abilities – they are the main characters. With this bundle of 6 you can have 6 times as much fun!

Glittering wings and real crystals

The unicorns are on the loose with GALUPYS! There are a total of 18 cute GALUPY UNICORNS collectible figures for children to re-enact and re-imagine the stories and fun adventures of the winged horses on the magical island of Elfia.

The GALUPY UNICORNS are the extension of the popular GALUPYS and can be perfectly added to all playsets from the GALUPY world. Each GALUPY UNICORN is unique and has very special characteristics. What they all have in common is that they have a golden horn and a golden crown with a Swarovski crystal on their head. However, one of the GALUPY UNICORNS is very special: Lilly. She wears a Swarovski crystal in the shape of a butterfly in her crown.

The enchanting GALUPY Unicorn collectible figures are approx. 7.5 cm tall with a golden crown and sparkling glitter wings. The unicorn play figures are unique due to their size, graceful physique and precisely crafted details.

GALUPYS beautiful unicorn figures with enchanting wings are elaborated in the highest CRAZE quality. The perfect unicorn gift for girls: GALUPY’s enchanting world, makes every girl’s heart beat faster! But also the hearts of boys who are unicorn fans!

*Assorted product. Pre-selection of a specific GALUPY figure not possible.

Product number: 27752
Age: 4


  • 6 foil bags with 1 out of 18 Galupy figures each
  • + 1 leaflet is packed into the foil bag
Crystals from Swarovski
Many of the Galupys are decorated with real crystals from Swarovski - a real highlight among the collector's horses!
Glitter wings
The magnificent wings of the Galupys glitter like stars and make each horse unique.
For collecting and swapping
Each Galupy has its own personality and is very special. Collecting and exchanging is twice the fun.
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