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Hatching eggs

What's inside this cool egg? Simply place the MEGGA EGG Dino from CRAZE in the water, wait and be amazed. The shell breaks open and a surprise figure hatches. Which one do you think is in your egg?


Hatching eggs

Have you ever seen a dinosaur or a unicorn come into the world? With deN CRAZE MEGGA EGGS you can watch different cool characters hatch and grow up!

Here's how it works:

egg in water

Put in the water

And wait until the shell starts to break.

Let hatch

Wow! Which surprise figure comes out of the egg?

Continues to grow

After the figure hatches from the egg, it continues to grow!
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Kinder lieben die Aufregung, wenn sie das Ei aufbrechen und das Überraschungslebewesen darin entdecken. Es kann eine großartige Möglichkeit sein, Kinder zu unterhalten und zu engagieren, egal ob sie alleine oder mit Freunden spielen.

Promotion of scientific interest

An excellent opportunity for children to learn about natural history. When a child plays with a hatching egg, they can observe the process of an egg breaking open and a living creature coming out, arousing curiosity and interest in how animals grow and evolve.


When children interact with the toy, they can use their creativity to come up with different scenarios and stories. They can re-enact a dinosaur hunt or create a mini Jurassic world with its toy dinosaurs.
dinorex megga eggs

Surprise factor

Children love the excitement when the egg breaks open and the surprise figure comes on display. It can be a great way to entertain and engage kids, whether they're playing alone or with friends.

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