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Glittering wings, shimmering fins and real crystals

The popular collection series of winged horses takes you to the fantastic island archipelago "Galupia". The velvety and delicate horses with real Swarovski® crystals are now available everywhere. Discover now also the wonderful underwater world of the GALUPY MERMAID! The wonderful beings are said to have magical powers. To love, play, dream, comfort or simply to collect and exchange.

Galupy Unicorn ·

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Expand the game world

Expand the world of GALUPY UNICORN with the matching playsets Café Crema and Pavillon.

Galupy Unicorn ·

Collect them all. A total of 18 GALUPY UNICORN.

Every little unicorn has its own story. Some are even something very special. Complete your collection and collect them all!

Swarovski Crystals

All GALUPY UNICORN are decorated with real crystals from Swarovski - a real highlight among the collectible horses!

Collect & Exchange

Each GALUPY UNICORN has its own personality and is something very special. Collecting and exchanging is twice as much fun.

Glittering wings

The magnificent wings of the GALUPY UNICORN glitter like stars and make each of the collectible horses unique.

Super rare with butterfly crystal from Swarovski, find them!

Lilly is a super rare and hard-to-find unicorn with special powers. Your butterfly crystal in the luminous crown is something very special!

Only for a short time! Advent Calendar 2022 by GALUPY UNICORN!

Only available for a short time! The new edition of the GALUPY UNICORN Advent Calendar with 24 surprises! Don't miss it!

New! Discover GALUPY MERMAID now

The extension of the successful collection series of the GALUPY UNICORN is now also available in mermaid design! Discover the wonderful underwater world of GALUPY MERMAID!

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