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We bring toys to life.

Whether fidget toys, creative, impulse or collectible toys, at CRAZE there is something for every child's heart.
2015 - Innovatives Produkt
2016 - Das Goldene Schaukelpferd
2016 - Disney Quality Award
2016 top 10 spielzeug - nominiert
2017 - Goldenes Schaukelpferd
2017 top 10 spielzeug - nominiert
2017-18 Bestes Produkt des Jahres
2018 - Das Goldene Schaukelpferd
2018 top 10 spielzeug - nominiert
2019 - Das goldene Schaukelpferd
2019 top 10 spielzeug - nominiert
2020 top 10 spielzeug - nominiert

Award-winning company

CRAZE is one of the fastest growing companies in the German toy and bath cosmetics industry and, due to the wide distribution in the DACH region, it is impossible to imagine the toy and bath cosmetics sector without it. Founded in 2012 in Karlsruhe, Germany, the brand develops, produces and markets innovative and high-quality licensed and trend products as well as entire playsets worldwide and, since 2017, vegan and gluten-free bath cosmetics, which are also free of microplastics, parabens, paraffins and SLS.

Numerous awards and nominations such as "Best Product", "The Golden Rocking Horse", "Golden Mickey Mouse - Disney product quality award" or "TOP10 Toys" document the product quality and the play value. Based on npd Eurotoys, many of these products are among the market leaders in the respective categories in Germany.
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One of the leading companies for advent calendars ·

Sustainable growth

In seasonal business, CRAZE is one of the leading companies in Germany in the npd Eurotoys market segment of Advent calendars with an extensive range for a wide variety of target groups. In addition, CRAZE markets a wide range of hair and jewelry accessories as well as numerous surprise articles of successful licensing themes.



Licenses ·

About Galupy

GALUPY is a market-leading collection series of small horse, unicorn and most recently mermaid play figures for children, originally founded by CRAZE. No other horse collection series is as successful on the German market as GALUPY (Source: npdEurotoys, 2021).

Successful collection series

According to Eurotoys, GALUPY is the most successful horse collection series on the German market. Also on AMAZON a proven success!

Expanded Galupy World

Not only the game pieces and playsets are a sales success, but also all GALUPY themed products!

GALUPY in the media

GALUPY has its own magazines on the German-speaking market, social media channels, TV commercials, and much more is planned for the future.

Unicorn & Mermaid

With GALUPY MERMAID, the 3rd series of the successful collective edition is now on the market after GALUPY and GALUPY UNICORN. This time in the underwater world!

Expanded Galupy World

But not only the collectibles and associated playsets are a market success, but also the many other licensed GALUPY products, such as T-shirts, mugs, bath cosmetics, hair accessories and much more!
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International Team ·

CRAZE - Once around the world

The international team is working at the 4 European locations – Karlsruhe (HQ), Berlin, Worecester and Barcelona – as well as at the two Asian locations Hong Kong and Dongguan to create novelties and popular trend toys for children and to design attractive products for retail partners that provide new impulses for successful sales.
Would you like to join our team?
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The best deals and prices for retailers

If you are a retailer, have your own store and want to offer CRAZE products, we offer you the best prices.
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